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Concrete Curing and Refrigerated Containers

March 24, 2014

Refrigerated storage is necessary in more applications than you might think. An example that you may not be aware of…is concrete. Curing conc...

Refrigerated Event Trailers: When to Rent, Why to Rent & How to Rent

February 12, 2014

At events where large groups of people are being fed, the supplier needs a way to keep the food fresh. This may seem like a small detail when planning an event, but if neglected, the meals could be completely ruined. Refrigeration is a...

"We'll Keep Your Stuff Cool" Refrigerated Trailers & Containers for Rent or Purchase

Since 1988 Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc. has specialized in the rental of portable walk-in coolers, refrigerated trailers and refrigerated containers. PRS provides the ideal solution for your on-site cold storage requirements. Located in Atlanta, GA we are able to service most of the Southeast. We also have units staged in the Chicago area and are able to service much of the Midwest as well.

We also have sale inventories available throughout North America. Whether you are considering renting or purchasing, our portable walk-in coolers, refrigerated containers and refrigerated trailers are suitable for countless cold storage applications.

Through our parent company Container Technology, Inc., we also offer dry storage containers. Sizes available are 20', 40', 48' & 53'.

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