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Diesel vs Electric

It is essential for many businesses to have large-scale, portable refrigeration or cold storage equipment on-site. Refrigerated containers and refrigerated trailers are used to store a wide variety of products and materials.

Once you've decided upon utilizing a refrigerated container or trailer, your next decision is an important one. Ask yourself this question…Should I go with an electric refrigerated container/trailer or a diesel trailer? The simplest way to decide is to review the cost. The chart below details the cost savings of an electric unit as opposed to a diesel trailer.

Cost Comparison: Diesel vs Electric
Based on Low Monthly Usage (420 Hours) Based on High Monthly Usage (720 Hours)
Diesel Trailer: $2,790.00 Diesel Trailer: $4,140.00
Electric Container / Trailer: $1,525.00 Electric Container / Trailer: $1,695.00
Monthly Savings         $1,265.00 (46%) Monthly Savings         $2,445.00 (59%)
*Diesel trailer fees based on $900.00 per month rental fee, $3.50 per gallon of diesel fuel (usage of 1 gallon per hour) and $1.00 per engine run time hour
*Electric fees based on $1,275.00 base per month rental rate and usage based on 6.5 kWh/hour @ $.09 per/kWh
*On-highway diesel prices and average retail commercial price of electricity in cents per kWh for the Southeast are available online through the Energy Information Administration
*Our refrigerated containers and trailers require either 230V or 460V 3-Phase power to operate efficiently.

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QUIETER than diesel trailers

NO messy expensive diesel fuel

NO costly engine run time charges

Enviromentally friendly "all electric"

Plugs into any standard 115V outlet

Reliable Carrier refrigeration machine

Dependable Copeland dual cooling system

Digital temperature display

Delivered on tilt bed trailer and placed on ground

On wheels for dock level storage

Fits into a standard parking space

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